WalletNow is free forever. It will always have a free plan available for you to use - period!

However, to cover for the infrastructure and development costs, we also offer our SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND plans, which unlock our most advanced features.

How do I upgrade my plan?

On your account, click on the "medal" πŸ… icon, and a popup similar to this will be displayed:

See the number of tokens that you need to purchase to active a given tier, and check How to buy $WNOW.

Each individual field is explained below:



Average $WNOW price

This is the average price of WNOW across all our supported chains, and is the price used for the membership calculation.

Total $WNOW tokens

Total number of $WNOW tokens that you own

Liquidity Bonus

If you have added WNOW liquidity on any of our supported DEXes, you receive a 10% bonus, so you need less tokens for the same portfolio amount.

Even if you stake those LP Tokens on a farm, they still count with the 10% Bonus.

Your Portfolio

Your portfolio size (in US Dollars)

Max. Monitorable in (Silver/Gold/Diamond)

The maximum portfolio size you can have in your current plan, based on the $WNOW you own. If your portfolio increases above this amount, you will need to purchase extra $WNOW tokens or your membership tier will be downgraded.

Tokens needed for (Silver/Gold/Diamond)

How many $WNOW tokens you need to purchase to activate the given tier.

WalletNow Membership

To leverage all WalletNow features, you need to buy and hold $WNOW tokens on BSC. Our membership plans are:

  • Free: Free forever! Basic functionality available to everyone.

  • Silver : Every $1 worth of $WNOW allows monitoring up to $300 of portfolio (0.33% of your total portfolio).

  • Gold: Every $1 worth of $WNOW allows monitoring up to $200 of portfolio (0.5% of your total portfolio).

  • Diamond: Every $1 worth of $WNOW allows monitoring up to $100 of portfolio (1% of your total portfolio), with a minimum requirement of $100 owned

  • Users receive a bonus of 10% on their monitored amount by holding WNOW LP tokens from any of our supported DEXes.

Example: If you have a portfolio of $10K USD, then you need to buy $100 worth of $WNOW to activate the Diamond tier, or R$50 worth of WNOW to activate the Gold tier, or $33.33 worth of WNOW to activate the Silver tier.

Read more about the exact calculation mechanism down below.

How to buy $WNOW (BSC-only at this moment, but it is valid for all supported chains)

Features included on each tier


Minimum tier

View all your DeFi investments on BSC, Polygon Ethereum and Fantom Opera. Including all tokens and an ever-growing list of farms, pools and vaults!


View all your NFTs summary across all supported chains


Privacy Lock: Make your wallet's data accessible only for you


Detailed views, including per-token details, 46 fiat currency conversions


LP Token breakdown, and Impermanent Loss calculation


Telegram bot: πŸ€– Check your portfolio status anywhere, any time


Add up to five wallets per account. See them all as part of the same account, along with aggregated totals


Active monitoring with alarms on your Telegram. Get notified if your investments suffers abnormal volatility.


Link with your Binance Exchange account to see off-chain crypto investments combined, all in one place.


Register customized crypto investments and vaults from unsupported locations. All your portfolio in one place!


Time Machine: See how your investments were in the past. Complete including historical conversion rates.


View all your NFTs (non-fungible tokens), including their media (image/video)


Add up to 15 wallets per account. See them all as part of the same account, along with aggregated totals


Receive important notifications about your investments


Export data to CSV (Excel)



Keep in mind that $WNOW is a utility token, with the sole purpose of enabling your WalletNow membership plan. It should not be treated as a security nor an asset. We don’t promise any positive returns on $WNOW token purchases. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Membership Calculation mechanism

All investments supported by WalletNow count towards your "portfolio amount". Including, but not limited to:

  • Token holdings on your wallet

  • Liquidity Provider tokens

  • Tokens invested on any protocol

  • Borrows and Lends on lending protocols (both borrows and lends count positively)

The following exceptions are applied to the portfolio amount:

  • For token holdings on your wallet (not staked anywhere), each individual token is limited to a maximum of $100 USD. So even if you have 1 million dollars worth of Bitcoin sitting on your wallet, it still counts as only $100 (but, if you stake those bitcoins, then they will count in full)

  • Holding $WNOW does not count towards your portfolio amount

Once your portfolio amount is determined, we check how much $WNOW you own:

  • $WNOW held in the wallet

  • $WNOW LP tokens from any supported DEX

  • $WNOW or LP invested on any protocol

However, it is important to highlight that only the $WNOW owned by your primary wallet counts towards the membership. Secondary wallets count towards your portfolio amount but the WNOW on those wallets (if any) do not count for your WNOW membership.

Then, it is only a matter of comparing the amount of WNOW owned vs your portfolio size to determine the active membership tier.

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