Terms of service

By using WalletNow Swap, you agree with the following terms:

  • WalletNow Swap guarantees that you will not receive less tokens than the amount displayed, minus slippage and fees. For example, if the amount displayed is 100, the slippage is 2% and the fees are 1%, we guarantee that you will receive a minimum of 97 tokens (100 - 2 - 1). This is ensured at the smart contract logic, so the whole operation fails instead of resulting in less tokens.

  • WalletNow Swap does its best effort to find the best deal for your swap, by searching on a large number of liquidity sources. There are no guarantees

  • WalletNow Swap retains a small fee from all swaps, which is used for marketing and operations. The current fee multiplier is 0.0075 (75 bps, or 0.75%) and it can be changed at our discretion, with proper communication

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