Account view

Once you enter a wallet address, WalletNow will process all the blockchain information for that wallet and display a summarized view of all investments in a table format.
On this page you will find the following information:
Each of the fields above is described here:
Field #
Wallet selector
When you configure multiple wallets, you can select which one to see here, or see all wallets in a consolidated view.
When you filter wallets, all totals are updated to reflect only the selected one.
Add wallet
Click on this button configure more wallets (🏅Gold feature)
Protocol selector
Filter data by protocol
Net worth
This is the consolidated "Net worth" of all your investments.
If you were to take out all investments now, this is roughly how much you would get.
Total yield
This is the consolidated Yield Amount of all your investments.
Notice that not all investments are able to calculate a yield.
Pending Yield
This is the consolidated Pending Yield Amount of all your investments.
These are yields that you can harvest to re-invest if you wish
This is the consolidated debt of all your investments. You have debt when you take loans from protocols such as Venus and Cream.
Here you can search and filter any field across all your investments
Select how to sort your investments
Select which columns and details to see
Time Machine
See how your investments were in the past (🏅Gold feature)
Detailed list of investments. Clicking on each investment will display additional details about it. (See Detailed Token Data)