Harvest rewards

If you are a Diamond 💎 tier member, you can also harvest all your rewards (pending yields) directly from WalletNow! No need to open dozens of yield farm websites and harvest one by one anymore!

Clicking on the HARVEST button above will bring the "Harvest rewards" screen:

Here you can see all the pending rewards you can harvest from WalletNow. Just connect your wallet and click on the ones you want to harvest. WalletNow will request the necessary network changes if you have cross-chain investments as well!

Alternatively, you can also harvest individual investments from the investment details directly:

DISCLAIMER: This feature will execute transactions calling the smart contract of the protocols holding your funds. WalletNow is not responsible for any bugs or malicious behavior on those smart contracts, even in the event of lost funds. Harvesting from WalletNow is no different than harvesting from the protocol's website directly.

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