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We offer rotating advertising slots to our partners only - no exceptions. If you are not yet integrated on WalletNow, you must integrate first before applying for ads.

There are a maximum of four partners advertising at any point in time, so you are guaranteed to get a minimum of 25% of the impressions, and often more (during ad schedule "gaps").

Our ads strategy is designed to promote a long-term partnership and aggregate real value to our partners with improved cost-benefit. The pricing depends on the time commitment, so please reach out to us on or on telegram ping @Willy_Now to get the latests pricing table.

If you decide to advertise with us, you will receive a link to a real-time dashboard of "user sessions" on AWS CloudFront. At the time of this writing, the average number of daily user sessions is 88K. This means that when there are four advertisers, each one is getting 22K impressions per day.

Our ads are served directly from our CDN and don't use any off-the-shelf ads platform, which means most user sessions see them, even in the presence of ad blockers. During the booked period you can also replace your banners at no additional costs by sending us the new ones.

  • Supported image formats: png, jpg, gif

  • Dimensions: 600x200 (mobile) and 1024x140 (desktop)

  • Maximum file size: 2MB (each)

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